Wednesday, March 17, 2010

registry prep

It's time to start the registry! We got a great list of suggested items and some things to consider skipping (thank you, Catherine!). We'd love to hear your must haves and those things you'd do without the second time around, as well as any store recommendations. Share your wisdom with us, parents!

Ben's gearing up to paint the baby's room this weekend while I head off to Arizona for some R&R. I can't wait to see Lynn and Andrew, drink iced tea in the warm sunshine and cheer for the Cubs! We will certainly miss daddy -- and he'll miss us too. Today's funny quote from Ben (to me as I drove home from work), "bring my baby home!" Ha! Funny how things change!!


Jenny said...

I really love my boppy with nursing and our little bouncy seat has been nice to lay him in while we are doing other things--like eating and taking showers:) Also don't forget a hamper--we almost did! As for things to do without...we registered for WAY to many blankets. I'm sure there are other things but I am drawing a blank now!

Lynn B. said...

I still have never bought a blanket because I got so many from the showers! I loved my boppy, too. Used it everyday. I bought the bumbo and barely used it. I know some people do, but it wasn't worth the $40 to me. You can have mine to try!