Thursday, March 4, 2010

lucky charm

I survived Vegas! Overall it was a great trip. Very tiring, but good. Everything is starting to take a lot more effort these days, and I really realized that while I was gone -- less time to rest, more walking, etc. all adds up fast!

The smoke was definitely the worst part of Vegas. I really wanted a bubble to transport myself through the casinos. Glad that part is over.

We stayed at Bally's and did venture out to the mall and Wynn last night. The Wynn is so much quieter and less smoky so that was nice. I played $20 on a slot machine and won $53! That's my biggest winning ever (minus playing with the girls on our 30th bday). My coworker wasn't doing as well and moved to try a new machine...then she came back and sat down next to me thinking I (and the baby) was good luck. It worked! She left $45 richer. Fun times.

We're very glad to be home. The baby has been kicking up a storm all evening -- couldn't wait to say hi to daddy.

Tomorrow is the 24 week milestone. I'll try to get a photo posted this weekend!

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