Sunday, March 14, 2010

nursery update

We're making progress on the baby's room. We did decide to go with the light orange (cantaloupe slice) paint color I saw a few weeks back. And Ben has a mock-up of the mural done.

Furniture shopping is happening too. We visited the Nursery Nook, a small business in Bloomington, and it was fairly traumatic. The place is a dump. It's practically a shed. I guess they just don't care since they are the only business selling nursery furniture in town. Anyway, we got some ideas (mostly things we don't like) and did some more looking online. We also got a copy of the Baby Bargains book so we can check out tips, safety ratings, etc.

Overall, we are making SLOW progress on cribs, and we have to make a decision soon. We haven't really liked anything we've seen, nor do we want to pay $700. We're looking for a classic crib with clean lines. Above all, we want something that has a good safety rating. Suggestions? Please weigh in with your crib expertise!!

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Jenny said...

Finding furniture you like was very hard for us as well! It is all SO expensive and then finding what you want is another story! We ended up ordering from JCPenney--hard to do because it was from a catalog, but we had to take the plunge:) We did get a fixed side---no drop down--for safety reasons. We love the crib, but the dresser has left some things to be desired....