Sunday, February 21, 2010


The baby's room is at the back of the house and overlooks the backyard. It's a peaceful, serene room. You can see the squirrels, bunnies and birds eating critter food underneath our 100+ year old oak tree.

We've been gathering decorating ideas for the past few weeks, and yesterday we ventured out to get some paint samples. When we went to the store we were set on green. I think we picked out 25 different shades to bring home and compare.

Then, today, I was browsing the Feb. issues of BH&G and saw all these beautiful shades of orange. One called cantaloupe slice looks like a yummy orange creamsicle... So now I am on an orange kick, which is really funny because it's like my citrus craving is invading all my senses! Who knows, maybe next week I'll be obsessed with another color.

One thing we have decided on (I think!) is a mural. Maybe a simple nature scene. It's nice to have an artist in the house!

We haven't spent much time looking at furniture yet. It only took us 6 years to settle on a couch we both liked; I pray nursery furniture is easier.


Ben said...

We'll have to have trees, a bunny, a squirrel, and some clouds. What else?

Lynn B. said...

The squirrel must be from the ISU quad :-) Some flowers like from the blog, too!

Melissa (Boehning) Libert said...

and birdies!