Monday, February 8, 2010


Ultrasound went well! The baby was all curled up sleeping (not surprising since that's what mama did all day!), but turned over mid exam and let the tech get all the necessary measurements. We got to see everything -- brain, spine, major organs, legs, arms, tiny fingers. So amazing. The baby is 13 oz and looks long as remarked by the tech (ha!). We did NOT find out the sex, but probably wouldn't have been able to anyway because of the baby's position. Don't know if the tech had a clear shot after the baby flipped...we didn't ask!

We left our appointment with some homework: enroll in our parenting classes and take a tour of the two hospitals in town. Fun!


Jeni said...

"her" measurements??? Did you guys find out?!?!?

Melissa (Boehning) Libert said...

haha -- No I meant "her" as in the tech. I better change that!