Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar fashion so far

My favorites:
  • Freida Pinto's dainty blue dress -- love the lace sleeve
  • Taraji Henson's flowing, rippled-like-freshly-churned-butter creation
  • Heidi Klum in the best red dress of the night
  • Amy Adams' super cool statement piece--her mosaic necklace
  • Tina Fey's loose side-do
  • Anne Hathaway's intriguing scaly dress
Still un-decided about:
  • SJP's "barely mint" ball gown
  • Marisa Tomei's beautifully pleated dress -- I liked it from the waist down. The top seemed ill-fitted
  • Miley Cyrus in a gown Helen Mirren would have looked much better in. She should have worn something much younger and fresher.
  • Props to Mickey Rourke for his own style. I do wish he would have worn fewer accessories (chains or doggie necklace).

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