Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my spin

Being in the PR business I hate that when people say or do something questionable it is sometimes equated to "the PR machine at work" or "PR spin."

Jennifer Hudson's people say she used a backing track. Because they didn't say she lip sycnhed, some might say that is spin. Perhaps.

Consider didn't pass the test or you failed? That handbag your friend's carrying isn't your style or it's just fugly? Face it, we all spin.

When Blago was out on his press tour, people said he was on a PR blitz. Ouch. I take offense to anything Blago does being called PR. He's a crazy, liar! Is that what people really think of PR or are they too scared to just call a crazy liar when they see it? They spin. PR just takes the fall.

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