Sunday, February 15, 2009

love of paper

As much as I love email and blogs, there is something about paper and snail mail that I love more.

I can spend hours browsing stationary and cards (I really miss my favorite Chicago and LA shops, Hazel and Pulp). In a pinch, Borders and Target can give me a paper fix.

As much as I love the process that results in a friend or family member receiving a piece of mail, I do not enjoy the post office. The long, slow lines and endless waiting don't fit into my rushed errands schedule. I won't ever love the post office, but this article makes me appreciate it more. Bless you, Pinkie.

Stamps are due to increase again; mail delivery may be reduced to 5 days a week. And that's okay with me because it just makes receiving that card or letter all the more special.

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