Tuesday, December 23, 2008

why I hate winter today

My car was an absolute icicle from the freezing rain we got all afternoon so I spent 15 minutes scraping my car. Seems like not very long, but when you are being pelted with freezing rain and are about to fall over because the ground is a solid sheet of ice, 15 minutes is a freaking eternity.

There is no ice scraping needed in LA for obvious reasons. And Chicago may be really damn windy and cold, but driving was a rarity for me, especially to work, so scraping my car was a rare occurrence. Now it's a multi-week (and sometimes multi-day!) pain in the butt.

I am starting to understand why some women I know hope Santa brings remote starters in his sleigh and why they have visions of seat warmers dancing in their heads. Driving during a Midwest winter sucks!

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