Sunday, November 23, 2008


Since Barack Obama was elected president I've been thinking a lot about Michelle and the girls making the move to D.C. I switched schools more than a few times as a kid, and I faced a major upheaval when we moved from Kansas to Illinois in 3rd grade. It wasn't easy (and may dad wasn't the president of the free world either).

I also think about Michelle (and there is a very interesting article in the Trib related to this topic) - a highly educated, achievement-oriented, powerful woman giving up her job, circle of friends, etc. to move to D.C. and become first lady. No doubt this has an enormous set of amazing perks too, but it is an undeniable fact that Michelle's goals will be on the backburner while her husband is president. I do hope Michelle finds her special niche as first lady, in addition to being a spectacular mom. Clearly she has and will continue to balance her many roles.

I have found it so interesting the way Bill Clinton has stepped back (as much as he can anyway) to let Hillary shine the past few years. First he supported her senate bid, then her presidential bid, and now he's opening up his foundation to intense regulations so she can be Secretary of State. It's the least he can do, IMO, but it's great to see. I have no doubt Barack will do the same for Michelle after the presidency.

All partnerships seesaw according to this give and take. Sometimes it's your turn to drive and sometimes you are the passenger. It's all part of the fun, crazy ride we call marriage.

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