Sunday, November 9, 2008

attack of the leaves

When we were living in LA I really missed fall - the leaves especially. Fall out there is just another day of sunny, 70 degree weather amidst the palm trees. 

Now we live in an older Midwestern neighborhood, and the trees on our street are plentiful. And OMG you can not imagine the leaves. Tons. You get a few at first and it's lovely. You think, "oh, look at the leaves! fun!" And it is fun the first time you rake them, but not the second, third or fourth. 

I took this photo yesterday from our back door - week two of raking. It's been all Ben so far because I've been painting the kitchen. Just a few touch-ups on the trim left to do and then it's done. 

I'll try to post a photo of the leaf pile - seriously, this thing is every kid's dream - as long as the giant leaf vaccum doesn't come tomorrow.  

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