Monday, July 28, 2008

warning: it's the last week of july

I was stunned into silence this morning when I looked at the calendar. How can it be August in just a few short days?

I was full of summer hope back in May all giddy with my to-do list. Now summer is winding down and I still haven't finished the trim on the front porch (blaming the rain and heat can only get me so far).

Now I am to the point where I want to squeeze in more fun stuff such as:

  • a few more days off in Aug...maybe a long weekend or two
  • enjoy fresh fruit and ice cream (ok, I say more ice cream every season)
  • read
  • pool time
  • cocktails on the patio
  • annual root beer float (and that covers more ice cream too - very convenient)
Make your last summer "must do" list today. Add an extra scoop of fun with a cherry on top.

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