Monday, May 26, 2008

the unofficial start of summer

We had a taste of summer today cheering the Peoria Chiefs to a victory and enjoying the last day of the 3-day weekend. Ryne Sandburg was mere steps from us when he was coaching third base. He's so cool! The players all wore traditional socks so it was fun to see the uniforms...makes me want to wear my old uniform!

I missed my softball game last Thurs. because of a work dinner...and we lost. So now we're 1-2, and looking for some redemption this week in a double header.

Saturday and Sunday were very busy with house chores. We're in the second phase of our front porch painting project, and Ben finished re-painting our swing. We had dinner on our patio for the first time so that was a highlight.

We watched The Darjeeling Limited on Saturday. The story is told in true Wes Anderson style, which I like, but sometimes get annoyed with. I always wish the movie was over 30 minutes sooner.

Time to rest for a busy week!

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