Sunday, May 4, 2008

arranged marriage

I got a turtle night light for Christmas when I was in college. I can't explain why I got this specific gift except to say that I went through a phase where I loved dalmatians and turtles so many, many gifts were given to me according to these themes.

Mr. Turtle came with me to my college apartment, then my first apartment with Ben, he made the move downtown, to L.A., and now he's back in Bloomington in his very own house. He's illuminated small rooms, big hallways and received many compliments over the years.

But Mr. Turtle was lonely. After all, he works hard all night after we've gone to bed and could use some company.

Which brings me to how we found his long-lost soul mate this weekend at a Church sale. We rose at 7 a.m. to wait in line at this large annual sale only to wander around amazed at how they could fill such a large space with junk. We found Mrs. Turtle on a table of lamps and such, and immediately rescued her from a questionable fate. It was the best $2 we ever spent.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Turtle happily brighten our hallway together. They lived happily ever after.

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