Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We watched American Gangster last weekend (the movie we just couldn't manage to watch for like a month and definitely lost money over) and liked it more than we thought we would. The late 60's Harlem setting was interesting ... the angry/something-to-prove Russell Crowe part is getting a little stale for him IMO.

I'm hearing a lot of summer movie buzz but nothing sounds that great to me yet. I am hoping to see Sex and the City opening weekend. I wish we had a Harry Potter to look forward to.

Speaking of SATC, has anyone seen the new summer stuff in the Bitten line at Steve & Barry's? They have some good stuff, and I just can't believe it's all less than $10. I got a cute birdie tank top (extra long!) and a gray shirt that is nice enough for work. The shirt-dresses are very flattering but too short for tall gals. I am not one of those annoying people always quoted in the media saying "I mix my budget Target clothes with designer stuff" (what average person can afford $500 and WAY UP for everyday clothing I would love to know?), but I will say the Bitten line has good mixer pieces.

Also new and in stores: cherry passion Tic Tacs. I might like them more than orange!

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