Wednesday, December 28, 2011

milestone: eighteen months

32 in
27 pounds

Average percentile for weight and 70th for height. Yay, Miles!

It's always hard to believe another big milestone has come and gone when I write these posts. Miles is doing so many great things! He's saying 30-40 words (including lots of "Miles-isms" like uppie for open which we've been hearing a lot of since opening presents).

Still working on a mouthful of teeth. Since the molar (which is halfway in now), I think we have two new front teeth though it's hard to get a look unless we tickle Miles and/or turn him upside down.

Miles is playing a lot of new games - stacking 12+ blocks and laying them out on the stairs in an order that definitely makes sense to him. Marching and banging pots/pans with spoons continues to be a big hit. He loves pushing around his new shopping cart with Elmo in the seat. Christmas was so much fun - pictures coming soon!

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