Wednesday, December 21, 2011

going to nana's

Two weeks ago we had our first JOINT overnight away from Miles. We had plans to do a Chicago getaway, and Miles would stay with nana.

We almost had a setback on Friday when Miles got sent home from school with a 102 fever. We did a quick trip to the doctor to see if he had an ear infection. Nope. No symptoms besides the high fever so we did Tylenol and he was feeling better by evening so we stuck with our plan.

Miles did great - practically hopped in the car with nana and off he went. I was teary, of course, but it was short-lived and we were on our way too. Miles had a great time - played a lot and was too busy to talk to us when we called :) His fever was up and down all weekend, but he was back to normal by Sunday afternoon when we picked him up.

In the city, Ben and I enjoyed drinks and a long lunch, did some holiday shopping and went to a holiday party Sat. night. We even managed to stay out late! Sunday morning we had a long breakfast while reading the paper (that NEVER happens any more!) and made a few stops before heading home. I was very anxious to get home by midday Sunday! I needed some snuggles!

Miles was clingier than usual for a few days, but overall he did super and we did too. I'm glad the first overnight is out of the way and hoping the next one is easier!

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Lynn B. said...

He looks so cute all bundled up! Way to go getting away for a bit!