Sunday, February 20, 2011


Miles has a tooth! Well, he has a tiny white speck to be exact that is signaling a tooth-to-be. We were suspicious Sat. morning because he seemed fussy and out of sorts. I was surprised to see it when I looked! At first I thought it was a little bit of milk residue or a cereal bittle. It appears to be a lateral incisor (the bottom left tooth next to his two middle teeth).

The bad news: he's not into his bottles or solids. The good news: he's nursing about the same and sleeping well (I am probably jinxing it...). He did take his bottles better today, and I'm hoping he does okay at school tomorrow. I keep telling myself he will he if/when he's hungry. Although this isn't a very comforting thought when I'm at work feeling guilty that he's in pain and not eating. Hopefully it'll be fine!


Julie Pond said...

Yay for teeth! About the picture on my blog: I kept trying to get a pic of both boys smiling, but Miles was way to interested in Michael to look at the camera!

Jenny said...

congrats on the 1st tooth!