Sunday, February 6, 2011


Miles has been babbling a lot, but only the occasional "m" sound until this weekend. He was making long "mmmmmmmm" sounds with his lower lip really tucked under. I encouraged him hoping for a mama, and he obliged by saying it twice today! Yay!

We had a few others firsts this weekend. We did a "baby swap" with our new mom and dad friends, Julie and JD. Miles played really well with their little boy, Michael. We were gone for about an hour (though it felt much longer), and Miles was a very good boy. Big relief. We all agreed that two babies at once is a job requiring the full attention of two adults. Ha! Good thing we each only had one at a time.

We tried a third solids feeding today, and it went pretty well. Miles ate some carrots (with one spoonful of peas blended in) and continued to explore his sippy cup. He's mostly chewing on it, playing with it and throwing it so far.

Miles also got up on all fours today (twice!), and we're wondering when he might creep or crawl. He's definitely thinking about it, and we try to entice him with strategically placed toys.

Another five day work week tomorrow...whoever thought of this five days on, two days off nonsense is evil.

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Lynn B. said...

I got Andrew to crawl with the help of a strategically placed cell phone!