Wednesday, November 10, 2010

first cold

We had a mostly successful first week at daycare. The two full days went well, but Miles napped terribly which means our evenings were full of fussing and soothing, fussing and soothing. Friday night Miles came with a bad cold. Ugh. Very stuffy nose...minor cough...fever over the weekend. It was terrible. Though this is his first cold, I know it most definitely won't be his last so we're trying to take it in stride.

All too soon on Monday we were back at the grind. It hardly seemed fair after such a crappy weekend! Miles did better on Monday - he ate some cereal - and I visited him at lunch and helped him take a 1 hour nap. Today he took a 1 hour nap on his own - so proud! We're making progress and I hope he'll be taking two 1-2 hour naps before long.

Ben's doing great at his new job and he certainly misses his daddy time with Miles. I keep wondering if work will get easier for me. It still seems like the day drags by and I am counting the minutes until I can rush outta there. Being away from Miles is much more unbelievably hard than I ever thought it would be...I'm still learning how to deal with the guilt and focus on quality over's a work in progress.

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Jenny said...

Sorry to hear about the cold! I hope you are able to find balance with everything soon. With time it gets a little easier....but it's still hard at times:)