Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's been a whirlwind two weeks as we prepared for Ben to start his new job and for Miles to start daycare. We chose a place called Katie's Kids (recommended by our pediatrician and some friends). I am very happy with our decision and feel like he'll get good attention there. He'll be at daycare M, W, F and home with nan or gramps on T and R.

So we started with a half day on Monday, and Miles did great. It took him a short while to get settled, but he was laughing and playing when I left. I cried all the way to work. It was a tough day. Miles was happy to see me when I picked him up and was so tired he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Tomorrow is our first full day. Yikes. It's going to be very hard to leave him. I just pray he does well and that Friday is easier.

Overall I feel so so thankful we've been able to be home with him until now. I wish it could be longer, but know that we'll all be just fine with a new routine once we get settled. I'm sure I'll be back with more daycare stories...

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