Tuesday, October 19, 2010

milestone: four months

Miles had his 4mo checkup today (a few days early) and he did super. He's a happy, healthy baby! Here are the latest stats:

14 lbs 12 oz
26.5 in (VERY long - 95th percentile)
head circ: 16 1/4 in

Ben's also having a big week. He got a job offer from ISU and will be starting a new position on 11/1. We are thrilled! The only drawback, of course, is childcare. We're working on solutions for that. Big changes are coming for our little family.

Lots of pics to share from our visit to the pumpkin patch and ISU Homecoming. Be back with more!


Julie Pond said...

Nice picture; who's your photographer?! :)

Lynn B. said...

OK that is freaky - those were Andrew's exact measurements at 4 months! I looked it up in the baby book!

Lynn B. said...

Oh wait, he was a teeny smaller. 14 lbs. 2 oz :-) I don't know about head though.