Sunday, September 20, 2009

back the bid

Throughout the Olympic bid process I was skeptical whether Chicago could handle the crowds, the demands on public transportation, and come up with the resources required to do it well. Now, I think, how can Chicago NOT handle it? Opportunities like this are once in a lifetime. Chicago must rise to the occasion.

Oprah made a big hubbub closing down Michigan Ave. but that should just be the start of major events in Chicago.

After all, Chicago is used to being on a national stage - the city's hometown heroes are now White House residents - so let's bring the spotlight back to a great city.

I remember attending the opening of Millennium Park and thinking "this night almost didn't happen" because so many people were against it. And what an amazing, wonderful achievement that has turned out to be.

Will Chicago host the 2016 Olympics? I hope so.

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