Sunday, June 28, 2009


We had our first and only wedding of the summer yesterday. Lynn's sister Beth married Bryson and we were there to celebrate the joyous occasion.

What I love about weddings is that when you're single, they fill you with anticipation. What will my wedding be like, I always wondered. After you're married, weddings give you a chance to reflect on your day, as well as think back on the weddings you've attended (the toast that made me cry, the bridesmaid dresses I wanted to steal for my wedding day, the parents who cried when they gave their son/daughter away, etc.)

Many couples renew their vows on special anniversaries. But I say why not renew them each time you attend a wedding? You're there to bear witness and, in the future, love and support the couple in good times and bad. What better time to renew your commitment than at the wedding of another happy couple?

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