Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We're watching the beach volleyball finals right now. I hope my fellow 30-somethings Misty and Kerri can get the gold.

It was fun watching Nastia and Shaw rally in gymnastics.

Track and Field is getting old. It's too much talk for such short events. They need to cut in right before events start and spend less time commentating. TiVo has been very handy.

I wish I had time for more of the cable channel events. I loved watching all of the rowing Sunday.

What has everyone else loved / hate so far??

We're just over a week away from Labor Day and I'm trying to get in summer lasts (pool, another book, more ice cream and drinks, please!). It's been particularly hard to get a "season finale" in for all my favorite summer clothes, shoes and accessories....almost time to switch over into some fall transition pieces.

Don't let the end of summer sneak up on you - get all your fun in now!!

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