Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's unseasonably cool this week, and it's nice, but also worrisome. Does this mean a super hot Sept. or an early Fall? I don't think I am ready for Fall just yet.

Today was move-in day at ISU so all the students are landing. It definitely brings back memories...and it definitely doesn't feel like it was 8 years ago. Ben's enjoying a week off before heading back to campus on Monday.

I've been staying up late all week hooked on the Olympics. The 10-11 p.m. events are killing me. I was pulling for the ladies during gymnastics last night and was glad they came out with a silver medal. I couldn't believe it when I heard one of the gals who competed on the uneven bars (Chellsie I think?) performed with a broken foot. I guess bars aren't very demanding on the feet, but it still had to be a major mental distraction and the landing couldn't have felt good. Crazy.

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