Sunday, September 23, 2007

here’s to you, mom

My mom celebrated a milestone this weekend – her 50th birthday. We threw her a surprise party, and actually managed to surprise her, with a Hawaiian theme in honor of her upcoming trip.

During the celebration my mom mentioned that her 25th birthday was a tougher birthday to deal with mentally than turning 50. I wonder why a quarter of a century had a much bigger impact than half a century? At the time she was pretty much a single mother who was working hard to raise 2 kids on a small salary. She’s certainly accomplished a lot in the last 25 years including what she calls her biggest success: two “good” (her word!) kids who left the nest and started lives of their own. I think the fact that she finally started to take vacations in the last 15 years has also contributed to a dramatically lower stress level. My mom can enjoy life a lot more now than at 25, and I think that’s a tremendously great thing. For her, age has brought a new acceptance of life’s obstacles, and she’s just trying to enjoy the ride. I hope I can learn that lesson from her now, 21 years sooner. Turns out she’s still teaching me more than a few life lessons.

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