Saturday, September 8, 2012

hide and seek

Miles has started playing a new game - hide and seek. Here's how it goes:
When Miles is the seeker, he covers his eyes and says "ready or not, here we come." Then he counts to 10. :) He usually starts looking in the same spot of the front yard ... then under the bushes saying "is mommy under the bushes? nooooo." then goes to the stairs/porch, etc. Sometimes he forgets and wanders off....When Miles hides, he always goes behind the tomato plant. It's definitely his favorite new game!

We've had some fun outings the last few weeks to Dozer Day, an ISU scrimmage and the Labor Day parade. Now Miles is even more interested in tractors, Reggie and the ISU band. His first "spelling" achievement is I-S-U GO!

We've been able to play outside a lot more since the weather has cooled. Fall days are coming soon and we're looking forward to football, the pumpkin patch and lots of other fun activities.

I'll get some pictures posted soon...

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Jenny said...

Owen loves hide and seek:) He usually hides in the same place too!