Thursday, June 7, 2012

happy birthday!

Miles has gotten the hang of happy birthday in recent weeks. He got to use it for our friend Michael who turned two last week..and then for mommy this week. So the morning of my birthday I went in to his room and he greeted me with a cheerful good morning. When I asked him whose birthday it was he said happy birthday, nana! Ohhhhh... so close!

He spent the day before with my mom and they practiced and he got it sorta right :)

Later that day driving home from school I asked him again and he said happy birthday, cracker. Hrm.

During my cupcake/candle and singing he said happy birthday to you. Yay! Then he gobbled up part of my cupcake. :) Finally when we were reading bedtime stories he said happy birthday, mommy out of the blue. Woo hoo! It was the best birthday gift.

Ben took Miles to Target to select a gift for me and he chose a big, pink sun hat. Ben said he insisted on it so that's what I'll be wearing proudly this summer.

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