Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Miles has gotten into some new books lately. Curious George is a current fave, as well as the Gossie and friends books (Gertie, Ollie, Peedie). Our library has a huge stuffed George, and Miles loves to go say hi to him each time we're there.

Animals in general are pretty amazing for Miles right now. He had a lot of fun during our zoo trip a few weeks ago, and he's saying "aroo" for kangaroo, which is the same thing Abigail said at his age :)

Tacos, his frog at school, is a good friend. They set him free in the pond this week, and I was wondering how Miles would react. He asked about him when we got to school today - his cage is gone - and I reminded him that he was swimming with his friends. Hopefully that will do for an answer!

We're looking forward to our first Easter egg hunt this weekend with our friend Michael. I wonder if they'll get the concept? Oh well; I am sure they'll make it fun no matter what. 

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