Thursday, September 1, 2011


Miles is still a mostly happy, smiley baby. I mean toddler! Shy and/or clingy every once in a while but pretty outgoing and friendly overall.

He's developed a very strong will lately and started to throw the occasional tantrum. Example: yesterday we took a wagon ride and he got mad when we were crossing the street. Odd. We walked up the rest of the block, turned around and he got mad again when we crossed the street. Then he started pointing the other way and crying...then we figured out he was mad because he wanted to go to the park. Oh boy. We knew he sorta knew how to get there because he's pointed that way before but he definitely knows and now gets super mad when you even leave the house in the wagon and don't go in the direction of the park! Uh oh.
If doesn't get a toy he wants, to walk when he wants, etc. he's acts out - throwing things, laying down on the ground and crying or pouting. I'm sure it'll come and go in phases and get a lot worse and maybe a little better over time. Fourteen months old and we're getting a taste of the terrible twos!


Julie Pond said...

I hear ya over there! Love those public tantrums (in Fusion Brew, today, for me.).

Jenny said...

Oh yes...gotta love those tantrums:) O had one while leaving the Drs office last week and we got to get in the elevator with a screaming kid....always wonderful:)