Friday, July 22, 2011

milestone: thirteen months

Miles has been babbling so much more lately. I think he associates mama, dada and nana with the right people. But those are still babble words so I haven't been counting them as a first word. He is, however, saying "up" we think. He crawls over to us, pulls up on our legs and says "up" as in "pick me up". We'll see if this develops into something ... and if another word comes soon.

He's still doing about the same with walking. Lots of walking with his push car and holding on to mommy and daddy, but rarely does he do any walking with just one hand.

Teething is going sssssslllloooooow. Still only the two bottom teeth and maybe a tiny spec of his top left tooth has finally broken through.

Lots of great pics to share soon!!

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