Friday, April 1, 2011

milestone: nine months

Great check-up yesterday! Here are the latest stats:

19.2 pounds
29 inches 
head circ 17.5 inches

The pediatrician guessed Miles would have his two bottom teeth within a week...we'll see! He's SO CLOSE to crawling too. Up on all fours and a little movement then a belly flop. It's very dramatic, and he's definitely getting frustrated at not being mobile. He loves to pull up in his crib, pack n play, on mommy/daddy or who/whatever is close. Miles will also "cruise" now i.e. walk with the help of the edge of his crib, etc. His wave is fabulous and completely spontaneous. He rarely applies it for hi or bye. Miles does like waving at Charles Barkley when he's commentating March Madness. Ha!

We're continuing to try new foods like pasta and more finger foods like smashed carrots and bananas. I can't believe he's doubled his birth weight (and then some!) and growing up so fast.

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