Sunday, October 11, 2009

you know it's fall when...

  • The yard and sidewalk are covered in big, fat, wet leaves. It rained tons last week -- including two straight days.
  • I have the constant urge to shop at Michael's for random Halloween goodies.
  • Can't stop browsing the Target candy aisle -- candy corn and M&M's are already in the house.
  • It's harder than usual to get out of bed being that it's pitch black in the morning when the alarm goes off. Blah.
  • Pumpkin everything: Starbuck's scone and latte, risotto, candles, lotion. I can't get enough!
  • I had my first bowl of chili last night (and a s'more --- delish!)
  • New TV. We're liking Cougartown as far as new shows go.
  • All of my tights are in full rotation, as well as my crop of warmer scarves.
Hope you're all enjoying'll be brief so seize the moment!

1 comment:

Lynn B. said...

Please bring some fall here when you come!