Monday, August 10, 2009


I unpacked my suitcase this weekend and put it back in the basement. It felt really good since it's been out on our bedroom floor, and off to here/there/everywhere, since April. I don't have another business trip until 8/21 which is also my last day "in the office" until 9/1. I can't wait!

Abigail is coming for a visit the weekend of 8/22 and my list of things to do with her is long (so long I doubt we'll get to half of it). Ben's working the week of 8/24 so I'll do some things around the house we've been tidy the basement which barely consists of a path to the laundry room at the moment. If I get really ambitious I might paint the dining room (light green? still undecided...).

Then we'll do a long weekend getaway ... location TBD. It's been a l.o.n.g summer and a vacation (even if it's a staycation) is just what I need....any stay/va-cation suggestions? Let me know!

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