Tuesday, May 26, 2009

beware verizon customers

Verizon has once again proven to be totally incompetent, evil and just sneaky. It took about 7-9 phone calls when we first signed up 2 years ago to get our triple pack (phone, dsl, directv) discount straight. We literally called every month to get the credit. Then it worked for about 9 months. Suddenly a few months ago our bill increased $15 and then another $15 this month....

Three calls later (full of the typical BS and non-answers) they finally tell Ben today that you have to sign up EVERY 12 MONTHS to receive the triple pack discount. Nowhere does it say this. Never did anyone tell us this.

It's such a load of crap to make a buck that I had to post so you can all keep a better eye on your bill to prevent any nonsense.

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