Monday, April 20, 2009

the comforts of home

I made it in and out of O'Hare without delays. Twice. I must be living right. I am sure payback will come on a future trip.

My mom, brother and Abigail welcomed me home today with big hugs at the airport. The joy of hearing Abigail yelling "Aunt 'Lissa" and running toward me for a hug .... that'll stay with me for a long time. Dang, she's a cute 4 year old.

Still waiting for my Ben hug. He's at class right now...just a few weeks to go and he'll be a graduate.

IL greeted me with gray, rainy skies, but it's ok. My skin needs a break from the 95 degree heat and lethal sun. I have 2 weeks of Lost to catch up on now.....ahhhhhhh.......I love TiVo and home.

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