Wednesday, October 3, 2007

oh, starbucks, how I hate to love thee

How could I have been so stupid? Why didn't I take precautions to protect myself? Why didn't I see it coming?

I....(wince) like Starbucks (but only a tid bit!).

I find myself gravitating more and more frequently to one of three Starbucks in town (see, I'm helpless to fight; they're everywhere!) and now I can't stop listening to "Sound of Starbucks" on XM. Thus the reason for my post - I was listening to to XM tonight and heard The Ditty Bops. Now I am F-A-R from any sort of music buff, but I really liked these funky gals. I liked them so much I sat right down and typed this post and admitted my love/hate relationship with Starbucks.

I can only hope someone else can now enjoy The Ditty Bops and my pain and suffering will have been worth it.

If in a future post I act like a Starbucks snob and allude to ordering some venti non-fat mocha frappa concoction, I beg you to please set me straight and tell me to return to my humble roots - a tall Americano, no room, please.

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